About us

The West Suffolk constituency was created in 1995 following a Parliamentary Boundary Review and takes in much of the area covered by the former Bury St Edmunds division, Forest Heath division together with areas that were previously part of the South Suffolk constituency.

It is a rural area of considerable diversity. The largest town is Haverhill, which is expanding and prospering, with its close connections to the new technology industries around Cambridge. Second largest is Newmarket, famous as the world headquarters of horseracing. There are two major US Airforce bases - RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath.

Matthew Hancock was elected as the Member of Parliament for West Suffolk at the General Election in May 2010. He took 50.48% of the vote to win the seat with a majority of 13,050.  At the General Election on 7th May, 2015 Matt took 52.2% of the vote with an increased majority of 14,984 votes - to be successfully re-elected the Member of Parliament for a second consecutive term of office, representing West Suffolk.
West Suffolk Conservatives are a vibrant association with an active membership. The Association exists in order to:

  • Achieve the re- election of a Conservative MP for West Suffolk;
  • Ensure that Conservative candidates are elected at Local Council elections; 
  • Spread the Conservative message throughout West Suffolk and encourage support for Conservative policies and beliefs; 
  • Raise money to fund this work.

By becoming a member you have the opportunity to help in this work. You can help in many different ways ranging from simply paying a subscription, which helps pay for election campaigns, to serving as a councillor.