MP's September 2019 Newsletter



It’s been recess in Westminster but the frenetic pace hasn’t slowed.

In Westminster

£1.8bn funding for the NHS

We have announced that a new £1.8bn will be going to the frontline of our health service to improve facilities at our hospitals and local health hubs right across the country. Of this, almost £1bn will be available immediately to go towards new equipment and upgrades to 20 hospitals.

Doctors’ pensions

We have reformed doctors' pensions. There are now comprehensive new proposals to give doctors the pension flexibilities they have asked for and need so that they are rewarded, not penalised, for their dedication to their patients.

Launch of AI lab

We’re launching a new £250m Artificial Intelligence lab in NHSX - to ensure that our NHS harnesses AI to develop cutting edge treatments.  AI has enormous power to improve care, save lives and will provide doctors with more time to spend with patients.

Download the Matt Hancock app


The Matt Hancock app was launched officially in February  2018 with a huge amount of media attention. Over the past year, the app has given me a fantastic platform to communicate with my West Suffolk constituents.  More than 10,000  people have downloaded the app, and the number of users continues to rise significantly every day.  This app is a real step forward in creating a digital community for all of us here in West Suffolk to discuss the issues affecting our communities and our country. 
If you haven’t done so already, I hope you will download this free app either through the Apple app store or through the Google Play store - just search for “Matt Hancock MP”.  Through the app, you will be able to be the first to hear my announcements and be alerted to news affecting West Suffolk.  But most importantly, this app will give you the platform in which to get in touch with me and the other users of the app to discuss the issues that are most important to you. 

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Tour of the Houses of Parliament

Would you like to take a tour of the House of Commons? Tours during the morning are free for groups of up to twenty-five people. I’m always happy to arrange tours, but please do allow three months’ notice, as they are very popular. Please contact me at for further information.  If you are affiliated with a school, then you might be interested in a visit to the Parliamentary Education Centre.