Here’s a snapshot of what has been happening in Westminster and West Suffolk

In Westminster

Church spires to boost digital connectivity in rural areas

I’ve signed an accord with between the government and the Church of England encourages the Church of England to use its buildings and other property to improve broadband, mobile and WiFi connectivity for local communities.  65% of Anglican churches and 66% of parishes in England are in rural areas and their locations at the heart of their communities mean they are often well placed to address connectivity and coverage problems.
This agreement with the Church of England will mean that even a 15th century building can help make Britain fit for the future - improving people's loves by boosting connectivity in some of our hardest-to-reach areas.

Opt-out organ donation bill passed

We had the second reading in Parliament of the Organ Donation Bill, followed by the vote and the bill passed.  I supported this bill which allows for a soft-opt out system. Everyone will be on the organ donation register unless they opt out, with the wishes of family members taken into account. There are over 6000 people on the active waiting list for a transplant in the UK and 90% of the country is in favour of organ donation. We need to make organ donation easier and more available for those who desperately need it.

In West Suffolk

A1307 consultation

There are far too many accidents on the A1307, the road that runs from Haverhill to Cambridge. It is an incredibly dangerous road and improvements need to be made to it.
I chair the A1307 Strategy Board along with the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and we are currently gathering contributions from local stakeholders to fund the report on the traffic data survey.
Here is a chance for you to have your say. The Cambridge South East Transport Study Consultation 2018 is open until 3 April and there is a section for comments on the A1307. Details can be found here.

Download the Matt Hancock app

The Matt Hancock app was launched officially on last month with a huge amount of media attention.  Over 9000 people have downloaded the app, and the number of users continues to rise significantly every day.  This app is a real step forward in creating a digital community for all of us here in West Suffolk to discuss the issues affecting our communities and our country.
I hope you will download this free app either thought the Apple app store or through the Google Play store - just search for “Matt Hancock MP”.  Through the app, you will be able to be the first to hear my announcements and be alerted to news affecting West Suffolk.  But most importantly, this app will give you the platform in which to get in touch with me and the other users of the app to discuss the issues that are most important to you. 

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Tour of the Houses of Parliament

Would you like to take a tour of the House of Commons? Tours during the morning are free for groups of up to twenty-five people. I’m always happy to arrange tours, but please do allow three months’ notice, as they are very popular. Please contact me at for further information.  If you are affiliated with a school, then you might be interested in a visit to the Parliamentary Education Centre.