MP's July 2019 Newsletter



As you are probably aware, politics has been in full force recently with the leadership election of the Conservative Party. I would like to keep you updated on all that’s happening in Westminster – please press the link below to receive the full range of Parliamentary, local and political news from me.


It’s been a very busy past few weeks here. And while much attention has been focused on the Conservative Party leadership contest recently, I’ve been getting on with the issues affecting my constituents in West Suffolk and in my role as Health Secretary. Below, you’ll be able to read about the events and news taking place in Westminster and West Suffolk.

In West Suffolk

Suffolk Day

The third annual Suffolk Day was held on 21 June. We marked the day by doing a litter pick with the Rubbish Friends, the litter picking group and others.  There were dozens of events across the county on the day - with lots of reasons to remember and celebrate all that is wonderful about Suffolk.

Fibre broadband for Mildenhall

I'm delighted Openreach has chosen Mildenhall as the location to trial their upgrade programme which will focus on the move from analogue telephony to digital voice services. The upgrade to full fibre could put the UK at the forefront of the global digital race and provide a major boost to the UK economy. This is great news for Mildenhall.

In Westminster

Natasha’s Law

We have announced a new law which will require food businesses to include full ingredients labeling on pre-packaged food in a drive to protect the country’s two million food allergy sufferers.
  Treating gambling addiction

I’ve seen first-hand the devastating impact gambling addiction can have. So, we’re introducing gambling clinics nationwide which will offer support to addicts aged 13 to 25. The new clinic for young people will open this year in London as part of an expansion of NHS services across England with a further 14 to follow around the country.

End to the dispute with junior doctors


I am delighted that we have successfully brought to an end the dispute with junior doctors. Junior doctor members have voted in favour of improvements to the 2016 contract including higher pay for working weekends and late shifts and an 8% pay rise over the coming years. Newly trained doctors and current medical students will be getting the support they deserve in recognition of their dedication to patients and our nation’s health.


Download the Matt Hancock app



The Matt Hancock app was launched officially in February  2018 with a huge amount of media attention. Over the past year, the app has given me a fantastic platform to communicate with my West Suffolk constituents.  More than 10,000  people have downloaded the app, and the number of users continues to rise significantly every day.  This app is a real step forward in creating a digital community for all of us here in West Suffolk to discuss the issues affecting our communities and our country. 
If you haven’t done so already, I hope you will download this free app either through the Apple app store or through the Google Play store - just search for “Matt Hancock MP”.  Through the app, you will be able to be the first to hear my announcements and be alerted to news affecting West Suffolk.  But most importantly, this app will give you the platform in which to get in touch with me and the other users of the app to discuss the issues that are most important to you. 

I want to receive political news, announcements and messages from Matt Hancock

Tour of the Houses of Parliament


Would you like to take a tour of the House of Commons? Tours during the morning are free for groups of up to twenty-five people. I’m always happy to arrange tours, but please do allow three months’ notice, as they are very popular. Please contact me at for further information.  If you are affiliated with a school, then you might be interested in a visit to the Parliamentary Education Centre.