Matt Hancock Endorses Elaine McManus for Haverhill North By Election

MP for West Suffolk, Matt Hancock, endorses Elaine McManus as candidate for the Haverhill North By Election on 3rd May.

Speaking in the video, Matt said,

“I’m delighted Elaine McManus is standing for the Conservatives in the Council by election on May 3. Elaine has run the outstanding Stepping Stones nursery for 27 years. Elaine is dedicated, hardworking, and passionate about Haverhill. She’s been chair of Governors at Coupals school, been town Mayor, and will be a brilliant Councillor for Haverhill, sticking up for local people. 

Elaine’s got my support - I hope she gets yours. “

To contact Elaine on as Haverhill issue, please use the following methods;

Twitter: @mcmanuselaine1

Facebook: @ElaineMcManus4northward