Healthcare boost for Haverhill

Councillor Betty McLatchy has identified healthcare development as her main priority for Haverhill during her Mayoral term.
Betty was unanimously elected Mayor of Haverhill on 18 May 2015, taking over from Roger Andre.
Pictured hereĀ alongside Betty is Councillor David Roach who will serve as Haverhill's Deputy Mayor.
It is the first time since 2011 that Conservative Councillors in Haverhill have held both the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor posts.
Betty is determined to campaign for better heathcare for Haverhill, a town which is planned to grow in population to more than 40,000 residents.
"We are going to need a Cottage Hospital or a Walk In Centre," said Betty, "and I will do my very best to achieve this for Haverhill."
Betty clearly loves her town, describing the residents as friendly, and the drivers as "more polite than most". The courteous drivers of Haverhill may well be rewarded with better transport links if Betty has her way, since she and her fellow Conservatives are working hard to improve road safety in this growing and dynamic town. The A1307 at Haverhill comes into particular focus as a road with a high accident rating which needs upgrading.
Our newly elected Conservative team now have a mandate to work together to improve healthcare and road safety in Haverhill, and we wish them all the very best in achieving their aims.