Conservatives WIN BOTH Newmarket By Elections

The Conservatives have won both by elections for St. Mary's ward in Newmarket held on 17th August 2017.

There were two seats being contested, one for Forest Heath District Council and the other for Newmarket Town Council.

Speaking at the count, Cllr. Robert Nobbs said, "I am a local man living in St. Mary's Ward and I am so proud to be given the trust of local people to deliver great things for Newmarket."

Town Councillor James Lay said, "I worked hard to get my message across that I will support fully the efforts of the Town Council to revitalise Newmarket and I will work hard on the council to achieve that." 


The results were

Forest Heath District Council

Con 338

Lab 276

Grn 60

Total 680. T/O 16.86%

Robert Nobbs, Conservative, is duly elected with a 62 majority


Newmarket Town Council

Con 320

Lab 268

Grn 82

James Lay, Conservative, is duly elected with a majority of 52

Total 677. T/O 16.79%